University of Santo Tomas

University of Santo Tomas


In terms of maximum accredited programme and the highest number of having a reputation of awards, The University of Santo Tomas comes into the first rank which was constructed on 28th April 1611 by Miguel de Benavides, Archbishop of Manila, that is a one of the oldest University in Philippines and Asia. Additionally, This University is world’s largest Catholic University as a maximum number of enrollment founded on one campus.

The motto of the University of Santo Tomas is Truth in Charity that means they focus on imparting the real meaning of welfare activities to their dedicated Students. Initially, Faculties of Sacred Theology and Philosophy undergraduate degree were offered. Then, Taking consideration of a current scenario and cope up with the modern educational system, they have introduced many advanced Graduate level courses to make this University globally recognized. That is why here, More than 42,000 students are currently being studied.

University of Santo Tomas

Ultimately, Above all recognitions and accreditation make this University globally renowned University that would definitely allure more and more students.


As the University of Santo Tomas has pride of oldest University and many accomplishments, Education is delivered in an excellent way by veteran competent academic staffs. The foundation of this University was yielded by Miguel de Benavides on 28 April, with a purpose of inculcating kindness into their dedicated disciples. Currently, The campus of the University of Santo Tomas is situated in one of the most developed areas of Philippines, Sampaloc, Manila.

Being Honored with oldest University, The main UST campus was declared as a National Historic Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines on 24 May 2011.On the top of it, Recently, this precious Ancient place is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List that always reminds us how much this university is more valuable than any other University.

Admission requirements

As this University offers plenty of courses, Prerequisites for admission vary from course to course as which course are you heading up for

Aspirants who have strong academic records and sound knowledge of the specified area will be eligible for Admission.

Applicants who belong to foreign countries are needed to demonstrate their skills according to selected their course and other additional requirements are mentioned below

  • selected candidates are needed to submit their mark sheet to Graduate Dean’s Office

  • TOEFL English Proficiency might be required if you are Non-Native English Speaker

  • Minimum 2 professor or Authoritative academic staff

  Teaching methods 

One of the most benefited factors of being educated from such well-cultured University is, Students can enrich their knowledge-edge phenomenally. As far as teaching method concern, It is first and only University in the country which has been recognized by QS University ranking with four stars for excellence as an institution and five stars in the areas of employability, facilities, social responsibility and inclusiveness.
On the top of it, where this university is situated, is well-connected with developed metropolitan areas, consequently, each and every aspirant will get all livable goods and can easily communicate through transport facilities. Above all these amenities make this University superior in terms of all factors that are enough to build up strong presence among the elite groups of the economy.

University of Santo Tomas


As Having enormous accreditation of the University of Santo Tomas by QS University Ranking system, More and more students are likely to crave to study this exceptional University. So, such creditability is strong enough to stand this University out from other Philippines universities. Among them, One of the most considering factors of any student is fees Structure. Here, In this University, fees are levied according to which course are students looking for

For graduate-level international students,

Tuition fees are ranging from  ₱ 90,000-110,000* per year 

For Master level international students

Tuition fees are ranging from  ₱ 45,000-69,000* per year 

(* suggest other miscellaneous expenses will be charged like Application fees, Library fees and Book expenses etc.)


As the University of Santo Tomas is the largest Public research University, They offer plenty of Undergraduate Courses and Postgraduates Courses to their dedicated disciples as they offer courses in main 5 Disciplines named

  1. Arts and Humanities

  2. Health

  3. Science and Technology

  4. Social Sciences

  5. Business and Management

Under these main 5 Faculties, There are abundant courses being taught by Highly professional Teaching Staffs that are as follows

1. Arts and Humanities

  • Bachelor and Master of Adverting

  • Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Architecture

  • Bachelor of Composition

  • Bachelor and Master of Creative Writing

  • Bachelor, Master and Doctor of English Language Studies

  • Master of Fine Arts

  • Bachelor, Master and Doctor of History

  • Bachelor of Industrial Design

  • Bachelor of Interior Design

  • Bachelor of Jazz

  • Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Literature

  • Bachelor of Music Education

  • Bachelor of Painting

  • Bachelor of Performance

  • Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Philosophy

2. Health

  • Master of Clinical Audiology

  • Bachelor of Clinical Pharmacy

  • Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Medical Technology

  • Doctor of Medicine

  • Bachelor and Master of Nursing

  • Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Bachelor and Master of Occupational Therapy

  • Master of Pain Management

  • Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Pharmacy

  • Bachelor and Master of Physical Therapy

  • Bachelor of Speech-Language Pathology

  • Bachelor of Sports Science

3. Science and Technology

  • Bachelor of Actuarial Science

  • Bachelor of Biochemistry

  • Bachelor of Biology

  • Bachelor of Business Analytic

  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering

  • Bachelor of Core Computer Science

  • Bachelor of Data Science

  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Electronics Engineering

  • Bachelor of Environmental Biology

  • Bachelor of Food Technology

  • Bachelor of Game Development

  • Bachelor of Industrial Engineering

  • Bachelor of Information Technology Automation

  • Bachelor of Instrumentation

  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Medical Biology

  • Bachelor of Microbiology

  • Bachelor of Network and Security

  • Bachelor of Service Management

  • Bachelor of Web and Mobile Development

  • Master of Biology

  • Master of Chemistry Education

  • Master of Food Science

  • Master of Metallurgical Engineering

  • Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Chemistry

  • Doctor of Biological Sciences

4. Social Sciences and Other Study Courses

  • Bachelor of Science Education

  • Bachelor of Social Studies

  • Bachelor of Special Needs Education

  • Bachelor of Religious and Values Education

  • Bachelor of Culinary Entrepreneurship

  • Master and Doctor of Guidance and Counseling

  • Master and Doctor of Curriculum and Instruction

  • Master of Education

  • Doctor of Development Studies

  • Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Psychology

  • Master and Doctor of Guidance and Counseling

5. Business and Management

  • Bachelor of Accountancy

  • Bachelor of Accounting Information Systems

  • Bachelor of Business Economics

  • Bachelor of Educational Management

  • Bachelor of Financial Management

  • Bachelor of Human Resource Development Management

  • Bachelor of Management Accounting

  • Bachelor of Marketing Management

  • Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Management

  • Bachelor of Sports and Wellness Management

  • Bachelor of Hospitality Leadership

  • Master and Doctor of Educational Management


The University of Santo Tomas is the one of the prestigious Catholic University of the Philippines, the establishment of this University was rooted on 28 April 1611 by the third Archbishop of Manila-Miguel de Benavides.

In 1785 in recognition of the role of the students and faculty in resisting the British, King Charles III conferred the title of “Royal” to the university and formally granted it the status of a royal university.

On May 20, 1865, a royal order from Queen Isabella II gave the University the power to direct and supervise all the schools in the Philippines and the Rector of the University became the ex-official head of the secondary and higher education in the Philippines. All diplomas issued by other schools were approved by the Rector of the University and examinations leading to the issuance of such diplomas were supervised by the Dominican professors of UST.

On September 17, 1902, Pope Leo XIII made the University of Santo Tomas a “Pontifical University”, and by 1947, Pope Pius XII bestowed upon it the title of “The Catholic University of the Philippines”. This rich historical University of Santo Tomas is the second university in the world after the Gregorian University in Rome to be granted the formal title of Catholic University. The Gregorian University was allowed to assume this title in 1873.

The continuing increase in enrollment prompted the administration, in 1927 to transfer the university campus from Intramural to its present site in Sampaloc district, which covers a total of 21.5 hectares. The Intramural campus continued to operate until its destruction during the Second World War.

The academic life of the University was interrupted only twice, from1898 in 1899, During the Philippine Revolution against Spain.
The campus of this University has mainly three buildings which are a mixture of old and new architectural designs, the main central seminar hall was built in the 1930s and was designed by famous architecture  Fernando Ocampo that is influenced with Philippine artwork. Recently, on May 24, 2011, The Manila Campus was declared a National Historic Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. On the top of this, Being oldest historical University among Philippines universities, this precious Historical University has been included in UNESCO Heritage world.

Currently, This university offers undergraduate, graduate and master level advanced courses like Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Arts and Science.


Being a Part of such an exceptional stunning University, It is always privilege for each and every students who are studying in this University. There are immense benefits of being part of such well-known University.

  • Students can get the hand on Experience by appearing Practical Approach which has been designed by Competent Veteran Experts by approaching many Research-based Tasks.

  • The main purpose of University of Santo Tomas is, rather just delivering Conventional Teaching Approach, It is better to students inculcate Real World corporate Experience which is facilitated by University as a having strong connection with Billion dollar Companies.

  • This University also offers Student’s Counseling center where students can resolve their doubts as well as ask for help if needed

  • As This University also focus on more than Traditional Teaching Methods, University of Santo Tomas caters many Extra-curriculum activities that allow the students to bring out their hidden talents.

  • Apart from above all techniques, This university also arrange the guest lecture of the world’s best faculties, Celebrities and other renowned Personalities to impart life-learning lessons.

So, above all life changing teaching advantages are more likely to stand out this university from other Normal Universities.

Student Life 

Here, There are many fun exciting activities being organized from time to time like Student organization Booths link up new students to senior students to match their interest, skills, and needs.’The Recruitment 101′ takes place every first month of the academic year to sharpen student’s interpersonal skills. Before the academic year finish, graduating students flock to the Benavides Plaza to participate in the annual Job Fair where more than a hundred companies join.

They also arrange plenty of events, fairs, cultural activities and refreshment center for rejuvenating Student’s mind.

University of Santo Tomas


On the whole, The University of Santo Tomas is the world’s finest autonomous  Roman Catholic research university which is situated in Manila, Philippines. Due to immeasurable awards and unprecedented rankings of this university, It is ranked 145th in Asia by QS University Ranking that likely put this prestigious University into among top ranking universities.

Above 42,000 students are being taught by world-class faculties to foster academic skills of students to make them capable to face competitive era.

Where the university is located, is well-associated with metropolitan areas which allow the students to find basic necessary things easily.