University of Montreal (University Montreal Canada)

University of Montreal (University Montreal Canada)

Introduction of The University Montreal Canada:

University Montreal Canada was established 1878. University Montreal Canada is a public research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was established as a Satellite Campus of the University Laval. It is also referred as U of M or UMontreal. The main campus of the university is located on the Northern slope of Mont-Royal in the Outremont and Cote-des-Neighs district.

In the University Montreal Canada, there are more than 67,000 students including 34,335 Undergraduate students and 11,925 Postgraduate students. The university is a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. In 2016-17, The university ranked 4th in Canada and 103rd in the world according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

University Montreal Canada



The University of Montreal is a public research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was established as a Satellite Campus of the University Laval in 1868, and then after it was issued a papal permit in 1919, and a provincial permit in 1920 became an independent university. In 1942, the university moved from Montreal’s Quartier Latin to its present location at Mont-Royal.

In U of M, total students are approx 67,542 including 9,341 international students. In the proportion of the number of students, University Montreal is the second largest university in Canada.

University Montreal Canada

University Montreal Canada has ranked 1st in Quebec’s leading higher education center, 4th in Canada for the number of research activities, and 108th in the world by Times Higher Education ranking. The University is one of the 10 largest employers in the greater Montreal area.

Requirements for Admission:


Admission to Graduate studies in Micro-programs, DESS, and Master’s: students must have Bachelor’s degree or equivalent have earned a bachelor degree with a minimum grade-point average of 3.0 out of 4.3, must have sufficient knowledge of French, also have proficiency of English or another language.

Admission to Graduate studies in Ph.D.: students must have Master’s degree or equivalent degree, Currently summary of a research project, have knowledge of French, also have proficiency in English or another language.

There are various requirements for different countries.

For International students apply for admission to master’s or Ph.D. degree must verify if the received degree of their country is recognized by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral studies. International students also pass English-Language proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL.

Teaching methods:


Research-based teaching is the natural way to access the many programs. This method allows students to improve and gain more in-depth knowledge about the education and all features of learning.

The skills assessment method purposes to contribute to the development of the expertise of students in the field of education and professional training, and allowing students to effect and involve on various aspects of evaluation in the judgment of skills, programs, and institution.

Didactic plans for students to train in the field of teaching and learning of difficult subject and only in the field of learning difficulties related to one or other subjects.

Microprogram based teaching allows the student to increase his knowledge and develop his skills in the field of special education.

Student Life:

Montreal; has the best student life in the world. Montreal is one of the oldest cities in Canada. With a mixed language of French and English, multiple quality, foods, entertainments, and much more. Montreal is internationally known as the City of Festivals.

University Montreal Canada

University Montreal Canada has organized Professional-development or Social activities for the students. The university also coordinates the activities of some 20 organizations that help better student life. There are beautiful campuses for students with wonderful academics.

Part-time jobs:


The University of Montreal gives opportunities to students for part-time jobs. In Montreal campus, each year many students work in positions such as office Clerks, Library Clerks, Restaurants, Cafe, and Coffee shops, etc. Students work for a variety of reasons such working to pay tuition fees and rent and others are working for experience or spending money.

Advantages of joining:


The University of Montreal has more than 4400 professors, researchers, and lecturers work in various programs, over 5000 support and administrative staff are managing the activities of the university. University gives many opportunities in Research and Study to create your careers.

In University, The Poly-UdeM Entrepreneurship Center offers various activities and works to graduates for perform their business idea or simply to get new knowledge that useful for the career path.

In the Montreal area, 10 largest employers from the University of Montreal.

There are total 30 centers or units of studies and international research on campus. Also, the university has 600 agreements for higher education institutions in 65 countries provide opportunities for students to collaborate with their persons from across the world and use their holidays in foreign countries.



In the University of Montreal, tuition fees are standardized according to the students legal status in Canada. In Montreal, for international students lowest fees in North America.

In the University of Montreal, the tuition fees and other fees collecting from students that apply to students for educational activities divided in session.

The University of Montreal



University Montreal Canada was established in 1878. It was first established when the University Laval in Quebec city founded a new branch which referred to the University of Laval in Montreal. In 1876 and 1843, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery had been established in Montreal that was certain parts of the university’s educational facilities. On 14th February 1920, the university was granted its first local license.

In 1920-25, seven new faculties were added to the initial three: Social Sciences, Philosophy, Veterinary Medicine, Dental Surgery, Literature, Sciences, and Pharmacy. Nearby 1930, for the construction, a new campus on the north-west slope of Mount Royal collect enough funds and accept new plans designed by Ernest Cormier. The university helped the Western Partners by providing laboratory accommodations on its campus in 1943. Conducting various heavy experiments on water by scientist and worked to develop a nuclear bomb. In 1968, by French Canadian university offered established the first adult education degree course at the University of Montreal.

At the end in 2002, the university has launched on its largest construction projects since late 1960, with 5 new modern buildings planned for research in Engineering, Biotechnology, Pharmacology, Cancer studies, and Aerospace.


The University Montreal Canada was established in 1868. It is a public research university located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The main campus of university paced in 60 hectares. It has 40 buildings aside from the landmark Roger Gaudry Pavilion and also 3 Metro Stations. In the University of Montreal, there are more than 67,000 students including 34,335 Undergraduate students and 11,925 Postgraduate students and 9,341 International students. The University of Montreal offers 600 programs. It is one of the leading research universities around the world.