Technical University of Munich (Germany)

Technical University of Munich (Germany)


Introduction of Technical University of Munich:


The Technical University of Munich was established in 1868. It was founded by King Ludwig II. It is a Research University located on three campuses Munich, Garching, and Freising-Weihenstephan. It is also known as Technical University of Munich.  The main motto of this university is The Entrepreneurial University. In Technical University of Munich, excellent education in the scientific and technical disciplines, energized by the attraction and experience of research, manage both personal character and a shared culture.


Technical University of Munich has total 17 Nobel Prizes, 18 Leibniz Prize winners, and 22 IEEE Fellow Members.

In TUM, 40,841 students from the 27% students come from the foreign country, are studying in 14 academic departments. Three major objectives to a realization of TUM are Scientific Scholarship, Internationality, and Entrepreneurship.


The range of fields represented at the university includes medicine, engineering, the natural and life sciences, as well as political and social sciences and management. TUM is one of the largest technical universities in Germany and one of 11 German Universities of Excellency.

Technical University of Munich

Overview of Technical University of Munich:


There are total three major campuses in which TUM’s academic faculties are divided. The main campus of TUM is located in central Munich houses. In TUM, there are total 14 academic departments and number of students are 40,840 students available. TUM received total 17 Nobel Prizes award for scientific achievement, 18 Leibniz Prizes, and 22 IEEE Fellow members.


TUM pledged for solving problems of the major challenges facing society as we move forward: Energy & Natural Resources, Information & Communications,  Health & Nutrition, Environment & Condition, Mobility & Infrastructure.

Requirements for Admission in TUM:


In TUM, several degree fields available therefore the specific program requirements that apply to you depends on which degree you want to decide and which university entrance qualification you have.

The primary requirement for study at TUM is depended on the school leaving degree that obtained abroad is equivalent to the German university entrance qualification and also required German and English Language proficiency.


Admission in Bachelor Degree,

You will need a Higher Education Entrance Qualification, Final Secondary-School Examination, Letter of Motivation, Resume(CV), Internships or Other Qualifications where Suitable, Passport copy, Current photo, Student Health Insurance Certificate, Proof of German Language Proficiency for international applicants only, and also required exam marks you earned in your country origin such as GRE, GATE, APS.


Admission in Master Degree,

You have to complete an Undergraduate or Bachelor degree for apply in master.


For international students study at TUM,

Students need to apply for Preliminary Documents(VPD) via Uni-assist to obtained their qualification for postgraduate studies such as Bachelor’s degree in a country outside of EU/EEA.


Teaching methods of Technical University of Munich:


Using Webinars, opportunities to practice new skills, ask questions, shared experience with other participants are built into each Webinars. Webinars are collective online versions of the classroom.


E-courses are the collection of online learning material that students can work through at own place and according to ownership interest. It also saves the time and improves knowledge.


TUM offers a series of workshops for change their students learning and self-ability. Also, gain thinking power and improve technical skills.


Technical University of Munich provides E-Tutorial for all faculties students to learn whatever students want, Forget about attending classes for sitting in an uncomfortable chair, Self-placed learning, and time-saving.

Technical University of Munich

Student Life at TUM:


In Technical University Munich, there is much to enjoy life than lectures and exams. Students find a plenty of ways to contains themselves in campus life. Students organize festivals. They get participated in the student organization. Students can join music clubs or set up creative research projects.


All over 150 volunteers organized two major festivals like GARNIX at the Garching campus and TUNIX at Munich’s Konogsplatz in each summer semester.

During semester most weeks, the film club TU Film screens new movie for whole university students and enjoy all together.


Technical University of Munich has several student organization that represents the interest of students such as Politics, Events. Also, they are playing a leading role in shaping life on campus. Students of TUM explore and realize their innovative ideas via different student research groups such as Intelligent Zeppelin Navigation System, Space Elevator,  and Engineered 3D Printer.


Part-time job at TUM:


In TUM, more than 3,000 jobs available for students. There are various vacancies in different areas.Technical University of Munich has own Job portal for TUM students, postgraduates, and all of the TUM Network.

TUM gives a job outside campus like Cafeteria, Hotels, Companies, etc.

Advantages of joining TUM:


In TUM, total 14 departments provide an excellent environment for research and the education.

TUM has 6 Integrative Research Centers, 7 Corporate Research centers, 10,103 staff members, and offers 177-degree programs.

TUM has famous Scientist and Inventors. TUM organized Management Alumni for shows a central role in bringing alumni, students, and partners together. Students gain instant access to a unique network of professional and attractive career opportunities.

Technical University of Munich closely collaborate with Mentoring Program of TU Munich for help you build your career and develop business skills with well-experienced professionals.

Technical University of Munich

Fees of TUM:


If You want to start or continuing your studies at the Technical University of Munich than you must pay semester fees approx 129.40 euros.

Whole program fees of Engineering and Geodesy is 2200 euros for international students and 2050 euros for National students, Read more.

There are many programs and different fees so check in


History of TUM:


The Technical University was established in 1868. It was founded by King Ludwig II.

In 1868, TUM was originally known as the Royal Bavarian Polytechnic of Munich. In 1877, named the designation Koniglich Bavarian Technical Hochschule Munich. The first principal of TUM was the

old Head of the Engineering Course. Doctorates degree granted in 1901.

Selection of the College of Agriculture and Production in Weihenstephan after 30 years later. TUM was separated into five subdivisions:

1. General Department (Mathematics, Natural Science, Humanities, Law, and Economics),

2. Engineering Department (Structural Engineering and Surveying),

3. Mechanical/Technical Department,

4. Department of Architecture,

5. Chemical/Technical Department. In 1872, Department

6. Agriculture was added.

Since 100th years of foundation, the TH Munich contains six faculties, 168 chairs and institutes, total 8,400 Undergraduate and approximate 5,700 university staff, who were employed in the region of Research, running Operations, and Administration.


In August 1970, the new name of “Technical University Munich” was given. In 1974, the six faculties were replaced by 11 smaller departments. In addition, various interdisciplinary central institutes were established, initially for location planning and environmental research, as well as sports sciences


Summary of TUM:


The Technical University of Munich was established in 1868 by King Ludwig II. TUM is a Research University with campuses in Munich, Garching, and Freising-Weihenstephan. TUM has total 16 faculty departments, 528 professors, and 9,846 staff members. There a 40,000+ number of students available.


TUM has currently over 175 partnerships in the world. TUM is powerfully contributed to advances in technology and business through research collection and inventions.

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