Technical University Berlin (Germany)

Technical University Berlin (Germany)


Introduction to Technical University Berlin:


The Technical University Berlin is a research university. TU-Berlin was established in 1879 in Berlin, Germany. And became one of the most powerful education institutions in Europe.

IN Technical University Berlin, approx 33,500 students, 100 study programs, and 40 institutes. Technical University Berlin is one of the largest, internationally renowned and popular technical university in Germany. Plenty of achievements in research and teaching, qualification of very good graduates and,

Service-oriented management. The TU-Berlin characterize the university in Germany’s capital – in the center of Europe.

TU-Berlin’s central campus in the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf,  TU-Berlin still has two other large campus areas in Berlin.

Technical University Berlin

Overview of Technical University Berlin:


The Technical University Berlin has total 33,500 students, including 6,165 students from other countries. TU-Berlin is one of the largest German Institutes of technology. Other institution offers a wide range of subjects.

In Technical University Berlin, over 90 courses of study available.

In Technical University Berlin also available faculties for core subjects in Natural Science and Engineering and institutes specializing in planning, discipline, social science, and economics. In Berlin area, Technical University offers the widest range of engineering options.

There are many departments in TU-Berlin,

Student Service, Personnel and Law, Finance, Building and service management, and Research

In TU-Berlin, approximately 8,425 people are working, 338 Professors, 2,598 Postgraduate researchers, 2,131 Personnel work in administration, the workshops, the library, and the central facilities available.

In 2017, Times Higher Education World University Rankings, globally the TU-Berlin ranks 82nd  overall (7th in Germany), 40th in the field of Engineering & Technology (3rd in Germany) and 36th in Computer Science discipline (4th in Germany).

Technical University Berlin


Requirements for Admission in Technical University Berlin:


If you have German Educational Certificates then you can directly apply for admission.

Foreign country students must always apply with foreign qualifications with expected students or If you are already a student of the Technical University Berlin and would like to change your degree program. No enrollment or entry without application and admission.

You can prove that you are eligible for admission by “your educational background divided by foreign qualifications is equal to university entrance qualification” that’s called HZB.

Calculation of average grade as well as the calculation of an HZB, you must submit all necessary foreign educational certificates.  All Education certificates must always be submitted in the German or English language of the country of origin and translated into German or English language.

Bachelor of Mechanical, Energy, Chemical, or Environmental Engineering or equivalent degree

Apply for Bachelor’s, you have required skills of German and English language at the confidence level.


  • Proof of German Language skills:
  • Additional proof of English language skills

Apply for Master’s You must have proof of your 1st professional qualifying university degree(undergraduate degree) with a subject and grades overview including details of the individual credit points up to the application deadline.

Citizens of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (German-speaking part) submit a simple passport copy as a proof of language. Further proof of German language skills is not required.


Teaching Methods at Technical University Berlin:


There are some teaching methods, Guide offer of the subproject to study and buddy, Subject-specific further education courses for tutors, Incentive model for teaching innovation, Alumni & Alumnae support students, Orientation studies, Support for students from abroad, Self-Organized projects of students for students, and Reputation program for good teaching.


Also, TU-Berlin organized E-Learning offers to improving knowledge and save time for learning. Experts provide further education to students for quick understanding.

Technical University Berlin

Part-Time job at TU Berlin:


TU Berlin provide a job but it is first of all necessary to check whether you fulfill the general requirements for such a position. Students can find information about the currently vacant positions for students employees at the Technical University.

For apply to a job you will be hiring for two years(four semesters). Students can work at least 40 hours in one month. According to one hour TU gives you 10.98 Euros and 450.18 Euros per one month.

Advantages of joining TU-Berlin:


TU-Berlin organized PEESE- Process, Energy, and Environmental Systems Engineering. The program includes technical and managerial courses focusing on energy, process, and environmental engineering.

TU-Berlin offers In challenging masters program, a wide range of courses from basic process structure to advance plant Simulation, Control, and Optimization which are applicable to Modern Industry.

It offers an international students situation which will be useful for a student to shape into Global Engineer.

The teaching staff is highly qualified, the range of subjects taught almost without any gap.

The courses of study are strictly organized. Intensive academic support provided by tutors and academic co-workers in small working groups.

Technical University Berlin

(library of Technical University Berlin)

Student Life at TU Berlin:

TU-Berlin has organized plenty of events, conference, workshops, seminars, fairs for students enjoyment. In TU-Berlin, there are many opportunities to eat tasty and delicious foods for students

on-campus. There are many cafeterias, students cafes with large selection of bread rolls, coffe, and cakes and also warm dishes in break. TU-Berlin offers to students in sports events include collection of courses for all age groups, from A-Aerobic to Y-Yoga.

Berlin is a great place to live in. Students can find parties everywhere for enjoy. There are many underground inexpensive clubs available.

Technical University-Berlin


Fees of Technical University Berlin:


Tuition and fees for the Master’s degree programs and full graduate education program in Energy Engineering, Urban Development or Water Engineering amount is total 20,000 euros.

Here also available installment facilities. You can four installments of 4,000 euros for the first and fourth semester and 6,000 euros installments for the second and third semester. It does not include costs for travel, visas, adjustment, required health insurance, and living expenses, Read more.


History of Technical University-Berlin:


The Technical University of Berlin known as Technical University Berlin. It is a research university located in Berlin, Germany. TU-Berlin established in 1879.

In November 1943, The north section of the main building of the TU-Berlin was destroyed during a bombing raid. Now again Planning for the beginning university on 2nd June 1945. During 2009 TU-Berlin has two Knowledge and Innovation Communities(KIC) selected by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.


The Technical University Berlin committed to updating their respective structural plans in 2014-2017. With the help of these structural plans, universities coordinate their technical high status and development positions to ensure broad, equivalent range of subjects in teaching and research in Berlin.


According to British QS World University Rankings, As of 2016, TU-Berlin is ranked 164th overall and 35th in the field of Engineering and Technology.



Summary of TU-Berlin:


The Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) is a research university located in the capital city of Germany and established in 1879. Based in the heart of the capital, TU Berlin is a component of one of the world’s leading metropolitan cities. Few other regions can self-approval such highly collected scientific and research activities as Berlin.  

TU-Berlin has large campuses cover a vast space across various different locations in Berlin. And also there is a satellite campus in Egypt, which acts as a scientific and academic field office.

Students also scholars, as well as a guest have unlimited access to its science library- which holds three million books and journals. In Technical University-Berlin, 1,300 workstations, 300 computer workstations,

several meeting rooms and multimedia workstations available.


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