Stellenbosch University – Top 5 Universities in South Africa

Stellenbosch University – Top 5 Universities in South Africa

Introduction To Stellenbosch University

In 2016, on the official date of the annual UB Census (June 2016), 30,854 students registered at Stellenbosch University. Of these, 63% (19,582) students are enrolled in graduate programs, 33% (10 154) in graduate programs and 4% (1,114) are occasional students (no degree of purpose).

In 2016, 61.3% of registered students were white, 18.3% were African black, 17.6% were colored, and 2.8% were Indian. In terms of the mother tongue, 40.7% were Africans and 46.1% spoke English, while 13.2% indicated that other languages were their mother tongue.

According to the official annual census date, in 2016 the size of fixed and fixed employees was 3 370, in which there were 060 scholars (lecturers) and 2 310 non-scholars.

Stellenbosch University

Entry Requirements Of Stellenbosch University

A national Senior certificate (NSC) or school-leaving certificate from the impartial examination Board as certified by Umalusi with admission to bachelor’s (which calls for that you acquire {a mark|a level} of {at the least|no less than|at least} 4 (50-59%) in {every of|all of|every one among} 4 exact university admission topics); or

A college exemption certificates issued by way of the South African Matriculation Board to students with other school qualifications.

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Teaching Method At Stellenbosch University

coaching portfolios are applicable to better education. teaching and gaining knowledge of is the center commercial enterprise for an’s therefore crucial that you tune your expert getting to know in this region in addition to your research and innovation of schoolroom exercise, submit-graduate student performances and expand your teaching philosophy over the years. One-on-one consultations, workshops and SoTL displays are available to teachers wishing to create their teaching portfolios.

Student Life At  Stellenbosch University

Part-Time Jobs At Stellenbosch University

There has various types of part-time jobs are available.In our ability we choose and doing the job at stellenbosch University.there has 20 hours work permit approved for the student to doing a job.Here you are going to receive salary 1 hours per day.

Advantages of Joining At Stellenbosch University

Another SU campus in Cape Town is in Tygerberg, in the north suburb, which has Health Science; Its city campus in Bellevue, where the graduate business school and planning and public management school are located; With its kind of military science faculty in South Africa, the Saldanha campus; And the Ukwanda Rural Clinic School in Worcester, which was opened in 2012 and is the headquarters of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

There is a tradition of university’s long and solemn game. His students and sports teams are termed ‘matches’, which is probably derived from the colonialism for Avandia, which means ‘companions’.

In addition to sports, SU claims a museum, a botanical garden and art gallery designed by renowned German architect Karl Otto Hager.

Stellenbosch University

Fees at Stellenbosch University

CourseEstimated amount in 2018 for 1st year of Undergraduate study (unless stated otherwise)
BAR39 700
BA (Law)R47 564
BA Visual ArtsR38 915
B Drama and Theatre StudiesR38 385
BMusR43 558
BEd (Intermediate Phase)
BEd (Foundation Phase)
R39 240
R37 605
BScR46 200
BSc AgricR44 180
BSc Food ScienceR47 154
BSc Forestry & Wood Science,
1st – 3rd year, per year
R43 551
BSc Forestry & Wood Science, 4th yearR52 917
BThR37 904
BDivR42 089
LLB (Undergraduate)R46 628
LLB (Postgraduate, 2nd B degree), 1st of 2-yrR42 502
LLB (Postgraduate, 2nd B degree), 1st of 3-yrR50 452
BComR40 799
BCom (Actuarial Science)R60 817
BCom (with Law subjects)R49 319
BAcc I      |     BAcc IIR44 715     |     R46 485
BAcc IIIR47 413
BAccLLBR51 653
BEngR55 296
BSc in PhysiotherapyR45 590
BSc in DieteticsR46 059
B of Occupational TherapyR46 999
B in Speech-Language and
Hearing Therapy
R43 019
MB ChB IR61 542
MB ChB IIR59 117
MB ChB IIIR60 496
MB ChB IVR53 677
MB ChB VR75 641
MB ChB VIR59 910


History of Stellenbosch University

The factory’s highest efficiency is by the Antigua faculty of Stalenbosch Universidad.

As part of the immigration program, as part of the immigration program from Set Fundamentals, Estacion N1866, as part of the Mutexes and Physica, Demandisio Stellenbosche studied Antigua. In addition, this building, founded in 1874, is “Estate del Ginascio Stellenbosch”.

Founded as the University of Detect Director for the University of Stalinbosch, Victoria College was founded in 1881 by the establishment of Stalenbosch College and independently gained independence in 1918 and in 1918, it is naturally developed to grow individual, Los theme and gradually expand. In 1918, Faculty of Matemáticas and Ciencias Physics has a different functionality. Fu Renomobrado A la Factad de Sincios 1957

Con La Ferténinción de la Universidad de Stalenbosch in 1918, Lasmemeticas, Lesmematicas palates, La Fiscica, Quimica, Georgia, Zoologia and the Economical Economic Estradiados of Latonia. The Association was founded in 1969 by Economia Domestic and 1925 (Economist Senië’s Del Czidder of 2000), Informatics of 1969 and Bio America and in 1974.

Insecindell, one has been prepared to get a license on Canisius, which is available in 1966 for the establishment of Maimaticus and Ciencias Fans.

A total of 2,000 teachers’ programs are recommended. Structural academics of academic institutions, one expert, to get an analytical license, are published in one course, a doctor (doctors).


In Stallenbosch (SU) ‘s history, St. Stellenbosch established a regular syllabus in 1685 in regular standard education. 1685. Teleologic was founded in 1859 by the Teleologies in Holland. La Ciudad in the 1863s, Estasciosio for Phishing, for Gonnasio Stalenbosch, who was in the realm of reality in 1866.

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