Singapore Institute of Technology

Singapore Institute of Technology

The Singapore Institute of Technology is most specifically renowned for delivering diversified Advanced education system which was established in 2009.Having enormous prosperity and filled with greenery system around the campus, we feel like we are in one of the best places in the world. Due to such pleasant atmosphere, More and more students are likely to get into this awesome university. However, Singapore Institute of Technology does not have only pleasant environment but this university also caters best superior education which certainly helps to build up student’s career in more dynamic and unique way.

Honorable Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong officially proclaimed that Singapore Institute of Technology will be Singapore’s fifth Autonomous University on 26 August 2012.Singapore Institute of Technology will be one of the institutions which are equal in position to the existing top Autonomous Universities National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological university (NTU) and many other reputed University.

The fascinating thing about Singapore Institute of Technology is that They have a SIT-DNA System that includes Four Key Pillars that are as follows

Thinking Thinkers:- It means those persons who are not really passionate about hands-on Experiments Though they are able to think differently as well as apply their knowledge during complex to make things more smooth. He/she is constantly looking to improve things and solve practical Problems with innovative solutions.

As Singapore’s Economy is one of the largest and developing economies across the world, Industry requires trained manpower with applicable skills. In addition, There is also an increasing demand for workers who have the ability to think on their feet, applying their knowledge and tailoring it to change the situations dynamic way.

So, This approach is fruitful for mostly introverts students and other students.
Able to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn Approach :- Someone who is capable to learn, unlearn and relearn embraces changes and continuous learning beyond school studies. These kinds of students know very well that new knowledge opens the doors for enormous opportunities.

In last few decades, Singapore’s Industry has passed through different transformations from being labor intensive to skill intensive, then just capital oriented to Knowledge-intensive. Technology is also being an advanced unprecedented way. To stay on top of industry’s era or pioneer new fields and industries.

Thus, This life-changing aspect definitely transforms student’s life in a revolutionary way.

A catalyst for transformation

A catalyst for transformation approach tries to focus on increasing efficiency and create value through innovation. This system also tries to bring out hidden talents from students to make them able to face the competitive Global era. As a result, students become able to bring new innovative ideas and implement them properly.

As Singapore is being developed drastically in past few years, most of the industries will have to embrace a highly productive and high value-add mode in order to remain competitive. This approach of Singapore Ins titute of Technology works closely to this matter to make themselves globally renowned.

Grounded in the Community

This kind of community is defined as a group of people who live in the same area and basically have same traits as well as common social and economic interests.
Being Grounded in the community, this institute tries to keep all kinds of communities together and inculcate this approach to their dedicated students. As part of the larger Singapore community, our students work together across various disciplines to engage with their communities and understand their needs in order to make improvements that impact on the social, economic or environmental aspects of the community they live and work within.

Singapore Institute of Technology


Owning to latest educational tools, Their competent staff tries to make student’s career spontaneous and advanced to cope up with a current market competition. Such education system makes this university globally recognized.

Currently, Singapore Institute of Technology caters two kinds of degree programme with the first being under the name of this institute itself and the second from its Foreign University Partners. Mostly, this university offer courses in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and Accountancy (ACC) along with other courses are being taught by this Institute partner. This institute is mainly based on a trimester system,

Trimester 1: September to December
Trimester 2: January to April
Trimester 3: May to August

 Admission Requirements :

It is quite hard to get admission into such renowned institute for those students who belong to foreign countries as there are certain requirements needed to be fulfilled by students. If you wish to get admission into such renowned Singapore Institute of Technology, You will have to achieve at least average 70% for Undergraduates students and having 4.0 CGPA for graduate and postgraduates students. For those students who belong to the non-English speaking country must need to crack IELTS Exam with 6 bands in each module for Undergraduates and 6.5 bands for graduates and postgraduates courses. Moreover, According to these scores, Merit list will be prepared and Deserved candidates will be allowed to get an experience of the world-class education system.

Teaching Methods :

Getting education from such exceptional institute is always privileged for most of the international students. Singapore Institute of Technology is one of the best spots to kick-start your career as they do not just offer conventional theoretical knowledge but also adopt a practical approach to cultivate interpersonal skills. They also arrange guest lecture of world most famous personalities to cater how to be successful personality. Along with simulation, Roleplay and group discussion are used to shape your career in a dynamic way. on the of it, students can get a hand on experience from Singapore Wealthiest corporate world by having well-associated with famous industries where each and every disciple can get practical knowledge related to their prospective field.


Part-time jobs :

Although it is indeed a fact that doing a part-time job in Singapore is completely restricted by Singapore authority, still Singapore Institute of Technology aid you to earn sustainable income as they offer on-campus jobs like Library assistant, Administrator, Assignment supervisor and many other jobs which would certainly help the students to make ends meet and cover their educational cost.

Singapore Institute of Technology

Fees :

As this munificent Singapore Institute of Technology offers enormous facilities and abundant comfort to their dedicated students, fees are economically high, Though, Students can easily recover their cost by getting such quality education.
Basically, They charge tuition fees that differ from course to course,
As this institute mostly deliver undergraduate programme and diploma courses,
Tuition fees are ranging from $24,120 to $47,160
Other advanced courses like graduate level and master level courses are being offered by this institute’s partner universities.

Academic Programs

As we earlier discussed, Singapore Institute of Technology offers two types of degree programs

  1. Their own honors degree programs in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering, Information and Communications Technology and Accountancy
  2. other advanced Degree programs with renowned foreign Universities Partners.

Mostly, This institute offers undergraduate programs in Engineering, Food Technology, Information Technology, Health and social science, Designing programs and Business specialized courses being taught.

  • Aircraft Systems Engineering, BEng (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering Honours degree
  • Bachelor of Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering Honours degree
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Systems Engineering Honours degree
  • Bachelor of Electrical Power Engineering Honours degree
  • Bachelor of Marine Engineering Honours degree
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering Honours degree
  • Bachelor of Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering Honours degree
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering Honours degree
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Bsc
  • Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering Honours degree
  • Bachelor of Aerospace Systems Honours degree
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Design Engineering Honours degree
  • Bachelor of Mechatronics Honours degree

Above all courses currently, are being offered with Prestigious Universities Partners to cater high-class education to their dedicated Students.

 Student Life at Singapore Institute of Technology:

Being constituted in such lavish culture of Singapore, students can get comfort beyond their imagination as Singapore Institute of Technology offer world-class architectural wonders like campuses, Captivating buildings and other luxurious amenities which absolutely motives the students to get admission to this phenomenal university.

Here, Students can get Multicuisine authentic foods which keeps them healthy, On the top of it, where this institute is situated, is well-connected with developed metropolitan areas, As a result, each and every aspirant will get all livable goods and can easily communicate through transport facilities. Above all these amenities make this institute globally recognized in terms of all factors that are enough to build up strong presence among the elite groups of the economy.

Additionally, Many Social events and Professionals are being arranged from time to time like Soft skills events, Strategic Leadership Programs, and many more exciting activities.
And also Sports like Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball and other sports are being organized to bring out student’s Hidden Talents and shape their career in a more dynamic way that helps them a competitive Mindsets.

Singapore Institute of Technology

History of Singapore Institute of Technology:

As The ministry of education has introduced Polytechnic-foreign specialized institutes in 2005, Singapore Institute of Technology initially was built up as a polytechnic institute. Mainly, This world-class institute was built up in may 2009 by Dr. Ng Eng Hen, then Minister of Education and Inauguration has been done by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Before this establishment, In 2005, The Polytechnic-Foreign Specialized Institutions initiative was presented by the Ministry of Education. Its main aim was to encourage polytechnics to partner with overseas universities to offer degree program s in niche areas to convey desired knowledge. Through this initiative, students would enjoy a more world-class learning experience in areas that also supported Singapore’s economic development.

In 2007, The important recommendation of the Committee on the Expansion of the University Sector called for an expansion of the Poly-FSI initiative. The aim was to increase opportunities for students to obtain industry-relevant, prestigious degrees and also assure the continued relevance of polytechnic education.


To conclude, Despite having some back-draws, with plenty of amenities and immeasurable comfortableness which makes student’s life more smooth and livable in terms of getting an education and earning desired income.
Currently, this institute has many global partner universities to boost up education standard which is as follows,
The Technical University of Munich, Germany
Newcastle University, UK
The University of Manchester, UK
The University of Liverpool, UK
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and many other renowned universities
All these prestigious partners make this institute more suitable to learn world-class education.