Rhodes University-South Africa

Rhodes University-South Africa

Introduction of Rhodes University:-

Rhodes University is known as public research university placed in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape State of South Africa. It was established on 31 May 1904. Rhodes University is the state’s oldest university. and it has the fifth or sixth oldest South African university in continuous operation, through a grant from the Rhodes Trust.                                Rhodes University became a component college of the University of South Africa in 1918 before becoming an independent university in 1951.It is a residential campus. Approximately half of our students are accommodated within our 52 Residences and the other half of the students stay off campus and are referred to as Oppidans.

Rhodes University


Rhodes University was established on 1904.today over 8000 students,30% are postgraduates and over 18% are international students from 54 countries around the world. making Rhodes a dynamic and cosmopolitan knowledge institution. Students are capable to undertake an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the faculties of Humanities, Science, Commerce, Pharmacy, Law, and Education are guaranteed easy access to academics and close supervision.

Rhodes University has current 40% number of student of undergraduate and postgraduate studies and since 2009 number of enrolling student are 2669.

Admission Requirements:-

Rhodes University main is GPA requirements.,a second thing is Testing requirements, and including SAT and ACT requirements. at last, a thing is Application requirements. all points are covered in above.

When you apply for admission to the University you are admitted to a special Faculty of the University and this is determined by the degree for which you wish to read. Your first step in applying for admission to the University is to decide which degree you want to take. Mention to the Plan Choice section and the Faculty message to see which degrees are offered.

To qualify degree studies a University at least four subjects(selected subjects) must be passed. and the student must have got an achievement rating of (capable achievement 50 – 59%) or above in these four subjects.

Teaching Method:-

The Educational Technology Unit fulfills various roles within CHERYL and the institution, including, First is academic staff development, academic staff development, research, contributing to formal qualifications, and the last thing is the management of technological resources.

We acknowledge that technology is not neutral; that access to technology is not evenly distributed, and that technology can be used either to serve the interests of the status quo in higher education or to contribute to its transformation.

To book a consultation, or if you have a query, please use the dedicated email helpline: edtech@ru.ac.za.

Rhodes University

Student Life:-

The town is built around the University so student apartments are affordable and come to suit and meet your financial capability. The town is rich in diverse culture from the different students who come from all walks of life. My friends were from America, Taiwan, South Africa, Nigeria and Namibia and I gained sisters for life as we exchanged different cultural backgrounds. It is always so good to study with a good support system and this place offered that to me and so much more

Rhodes University was the worst and the best years of my life. In the 5 years of me being in Rhodes, I have grown immensely and gone through a lot of hardship which I believe I would not have been able to overcome had I not been in the environment I was in. Academically my experience with my lecturers I found that I could form close relationships with two of my lecturers. Most lecturers had an open door policy which broke down the barrier and made it much easier to get assistance when I was not coping. Grahams town is a really small town and there isn’t much to do and has proven to be a very toxic environment for many and I believe it’s because of how small and isolated the town is and thus people tend to ‘suffocate’, however, Rhodes is a place one can truly ‘live their best lives’ as they say. I do not believe that it is the best honors program in South Africa and its due to a large focus being put on the General Psychology and the limited number of Organizational Psychology lecturers. But the lecturers truly do give you their all and try to assist you in every way possible and not only with relating to the honors program but preparing for your future once you leave whether it’s to pursue your Masters or start working.

Rhodes University

Part-time Jobs:-

Students may qualify for a student employee position as a part of their financial aid package. Typical student employment positions include working the library checkout desk, designing and sewing costumes for the theater department costume shop, or even serving as chauffeur to the Rhodes golf cart.

Part-time salary gives $7.70/ hr per rate.

Advantages of Joining:-

Medical help:- The University has an in-house medical help scheme called RUMED, just for Rhodes staff, family and pensionary. This means that this is our medical help scheme, managed by our staff together with the University management and currently chaired by Mrs. Glyn Armstrong. RUMED is a full medical help facility providing cover for day to day medical positions as well as hospitalization. RUMED offers competitive benefits being offered at extremely favorable rates for its offerings. RUMED is a co-payment scheme as this promotes responsible use of the medical help and allows for effective containment of costs. Benefits for RUMED are reviewed on an annual basis and staff are asked to give help in this process.

Remuneration packages : –

Rhodes University is given a basic cash. second advantages are Annual service bonus (only paid if in service, paid pro-rate in the first year of service and not paid pro-rate upon resignation) paid. Rhodes university regularly gives UIF insurance. It is allow Housing allowance.


Ru provides to you insurance for every year.


First applications for admission must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of R100 for all applicants. Late applications will be accepted.

At Rhodes University, Additional Academic approx fees are R29 200 to R50 700 (this varies from degree to degree) and allow approximately R5 500 for books and stationery.

In Rhodes university, Residence Fees are R52 000 to R54 600 (this includes all meals but excludes vacations)

Note:- The residence fees also depend on the grade of accommodation chosen.


Rhodes owes its unique character among South African universities to a collection of factors – historical, geographical, cultural and architectural. Its history is a chronicle of the people whose intellect, vision and courage created and sustained a university, often against seemingly insuperable odds. Successive generations of Rhodians, imbued with their independence of thought, have had an influence on southern Africa and world affairs out of all proportion to their small numbers.

University teaching in the Eastern Cape start in the college departments of four schools: St Andrew’s, Grahams town, Gill College, Somerset East, Graft- Reinet College, and the Grey Institute in Port Elizabeth. By the turn of the century, only St Andrew’s and Gill still prepared candidates for the degree examinations of the University of the Cape of Good Hope. Limitations in staff, laboratory equipment, and libraries made tuition inadequate. It was obvious that only a central university college could provide a satisfactory standard of university education.

The South African War of 1899-1902 almost extinguished the project.

In December 1902 Josiah Slater, Member of General assembly for Albany and editor of the Graham’s Town Journal, called a meeting to try to rekindle public interest. He succeeded beyond all expectations, but enthusiastic promises of local and financial support were not enough. At first, they refused to confirm the grant then, carried by Scotland, they made over DE Beers Preference Shares to the value of £ 50 000 to Rhodes University College, founded by Act of Parliament on May 31, 1904.


Rhodes University was established on 31 May 1904.In Rhodes university was the enrollment of over 8,000 students in the 2015 academic year, of whom just over 3,600 lived in 51 residences on campus, with the rest (known as Oppidans) taking residence in digs (off-campus residences) or in their own homes in the town.