Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science


Rhine-Waal University was established on 1st May 2009. It is also known as HSRW.

The Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science is a public university with an international position.

The University started for the winter semester of 2009 and made the full size in 2013 with approx 5,000 students. The university has two campuses located in Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort.

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences has a personal atmosphere, modern informative methods, glorious facilities, and unique degree courses on its both campuses. The University currently offers 25 Undergraduate degree courses and 11 Graduate degree courses around two campuses.

When it comes to German universities offering technological, life sciences and other related programmes, Rhine-Waal is one of the top institutions. Various courses are offered in both English and German languages in its two campus in kleve and kamp-lintfort areas.

Having a mixed reviews from users on Quara and STeXX saying how good it is, the Rhine-Waal university is a young and aspiring institute that is growing towards success.

With varying acceptance rate per areas of study, student demographics, and nationality, we are unable to decide a percentage figure since the admission department of the university does not disclose this information.

List of courses offered by Rhine-Waal University

  • Technology and Bionics
    • B.Sc. (English)
      • Biomaterials Science
      • Electronics / Electrical Engineering (starting WS 17/18)
      • Industrial Engineering
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Mechatronic Systems Engineering
    • M.Sc. (English)
      • Bionics/Biomimetics
      • Mechanical Engineering
    • B.A. / B.Sc. (English)
      • Science Communication & Bionics
  • Life Sciences
    • B.A (English)
      • Agribusiness
    • B.Sc. (DE/German)
      • Bio Science and Health
      • Qualität, Umwelt, Sicherheit und Hygiene
    • B.Sc. (English)
      • Bio Engineering
      • Sustainable Agriculture
    • M.Sc. (DE/German)
      • Lebensmittelwissenschaften
        Gesundheitswissenschaften und -management
    • M.Sc. (English)
      • Biological Resources
  • Society and Economics
    • B.A. (DE/German)
      • Kindheitspädagogik, B.A. – mit staatlicher Anerkennung
      • Nachhaltiger Tourismus, B. A.
    • B.A (English)
      • Gender and Diversity, B.A.
      • International Business and Social Sciences, B.A.
      • International Relations, B.A.
      • International Taxation and Law, B.A.
    • M.A. (English)
      • Sustainable Development Management, M.A.
    • M.Sc. (English)
      • Economics and Finance, M.Sc.
  • Communication and Environment
    • B.Sc. (English)
      • Communication and Information Engineering
      • Environment and Energy
      • Mobility and Logistics
    • B.Sc. (DE/German)
      • E-Government
      • Media Communication and Computer Sciences
      • Psychology, Specialization Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    • B.A. (English)
      • Information and Communication Design
      • International Business and Social Sciences
    • M.A. (English)
      • Digital Media
    • M.Sc. (English)
      • Information Engineering and Computer Science
      • International Management and Psychology
      • Usability Engineering


The next possible admissions for Master’s and Bachelor’s Programmes are for Winter Semesters of 2018/19 which admissions will be open by May 2018.

There are four faculties: Technology and Bionics, Communication and Environment in Kamp-Lintfort, and Life Science and Society and Economics in Kleve.


The Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science has two main campuses: Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort. The University name for has been adopted from the German river Rhine and Dutch river Waal. The area between these two rivers has joined to a combined development group, ‘Euregio Rhine-Waal‘. The university is one of the group’s projects. The current President of the university is Dr. Heide Naderer.

The International center at the university is responsible to overlook international activities like cultural education to international students, organization of cultural events, and supporting inter cultural competences. The center helps students from over the world to get themselves introduced and sustain in a diversified cultural campus where thousands of students are living together and studying various programmes.

The International center also supports scholarship programmes and promotes opportunities for students benefits. So if you are looking for studying in Germany, the University of Rhine-Waal can be a top choice for you compared to other universities in Germany.

Admission Requirements

The university has a good acceptance rate for its bachelor and master programmes. The summer semester of 2018 are almost ready for application for masters programmes and the applications are accepted until May 2018. If you think you qualify for admission criteria as suggested by table below, you should go ahead and apply through uni-assist.

Uni-Assist is a way to apply to multiple universities and get your documents uploaded and verified by their service. Making an account at Uni-Assist can help you in many ways such as creating new applications, checking status of your applications, browse through hundreds of courses and their equivalence.

Three main admission requirements for Bachelor’s degree programmes are:

  • University Entrance Qualification (HZB, from Hochschulzugangsberechtigung )
  • Language requirements
  • Proof of a completed preparatory internship

There are also some restriction admission programmes which require special method to be followed as suggested by the university.

The main requirements for Master’s degree programmes are:

  • A valid and relevant first degree in same or related area of study.
  • Complying to the minimum grades (cumGPA) which is 2.5 or 2.0 in most programmes as per German grading system.
  • The English level of C1 or B2 is essential for getting into master’s programmes in the university.

Teaching Methods

This German university is focused on providing a high standard education experience to its students. From the president, Dr. Heide Naderer’s message, it is clear that the university is undertaking some of the best and international friendly programmes and events that attract large masses of prospective students, current students and University’s related staff.

The University has two modern campus in Germany, filled with laboratories, lecture halls, stadiums and large sports compounds. On top of scientific and methodical education provided by the University, the faculty staff are always motivated and encouraging towards students’ bright careers. The University also partners with companies for internships and industry experience for students before graduation.

The study programmes at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science are available in part time, full time and dual-vocational modes, and preferable by any group of students. The University is conducting research in all fields of science including natural science, bio science and technological science.

Watch a 360° Campus Tour Hochschule Rhein-Waal Kamp-Lintfort – VR recommended!

Student Life

As one of the top 4 International University in Germany, Rhein Wall University is a good choice if you are considering to join a growing institute for your advanced studies of Bachelor, Master or PhD Studies in science. After watching the 360° Campus Tour above, you are ensured that the University has one of the best campus in Germany.

Many local and international students apply for available courses here, and it has become a hub of culture, religions and diversity. As in any International study institute, life at Rhien Wall is also a bit of complex. You have to find a good accommodation, get yourself updated with latest news and events happening around your interests.

Join the official Facebook Group of the University to be updated with current happenings at Rhein Wall.

Academic Fees

Obviously, the fees of each course varies based on individual course. However, here is a quick breakdown of estimate fees. This amount contains only the enrollment fees and does not include any external fees such as student visa, travel, cultural events, library and accommodation expenses.

For the summer semester 2018 the semester fee will be € 285.62. The semester fee is broken down as follows:

  • Mandatory social security contribution: € 79.00
  • Contribution to your faculty’s Student Representative Body: € 10.00
  • NRW semester ticket: € 52.80
  • VGN semester ticket: € 143.82
  • Total: € 285.62

For the summer semester 2017 and the winter semester 2017/18, the semester fee is broken down as follows:

  • Mandatory social services contribution: € 79.00
  • Contribution to your faculty’s Student Representative Body: € 10.00
  • NRW semester ticket: € 50.90
  • VGN semester ticket: € 138.48
  • Total: € 278.38

The library fees at Rhein-Waal University is broken down as:

Late fees of €2.00 to €10.00 per item

However, the usage of Library is free of charge for students, given that they are enrolled into a course and have a subscription at the Library.

Accommodation Expenses

Based on our research, the median accommodation expenses for living in Germany as a student is € 900.00 in 2018.

Availability of jobs

Germany is considered a fast moving economy and students play a vital part of it. As a student, you will have multiple opportunities for paid internships and part time jobs in the areas of Kamp-Lintfort and Kleve.


The Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science is a great place to join if you are considering your bachelor’s course or master’s course in Germany. With an availability of acceptance of International students, and an increasing competition, it is advised to make sure you are complying to admission requirements, prepared for students visa, and have your academic qualifications and documents ready.

What other information would you like to know about this University? Comment down below! Also check out information about other universities from the recommended section below.