The Philipps University Marburg (Germany)

The Philipps University Marburg (Germany)


Introduction of Philipps University Marburg :


The Philipps University Marburg was established in 1527 in Marburg, Hesse, Germany. It was established by Philip I, Land grave of Hesse. It is also known as Philipps University Marburg or the University of Marburg. Philipps University Marburg is one of Germany’s oldest universities and oldest Christian university in the globe. Now, it is the public university of Hesse state, without any religious connection.


Philipps University has been a place of Research and Teaching for since five centuries. In PU Marburg, there are around 25,500 students studying and 7,500 employees working. 12% students of PU Marburg come from other countries. In Philipps University, represented approximately all scientific institution, with the exception of the Engineering Sciences.

The Philipps University Marburg

Requirements for Admission to Philipps University Marburg:


Admission in Bachelor, Law Degree, 1). A full copy of the University Entrance Qualification(School Leaving Certificate) certified by notary, the local court chief, the issuing school or a city, Municipality or District Administration. 2). The certificate from student health insurance company that you are insured by health insurance. 3). Proof of payment of the semester fee. 4). Other documents mentioned in the online application if applicable.


Admission in Master or Postgraduate Degree, Students must have the certificate of the university degree.


For course changers, re-entering and Second-degree application, students must have a certificate of evidence from the last semester in which the semester and the study program are listed.


For international students in degree,

Students have required various German proofs such as Language certificate, Participation Certificate, and also various English language proofs such as IELTS, TOEFL, English-language school certificate. Other documents such as CV, Motivational letter, Letter of recommendation, Copy of passport, Photo, Certificate of a name change, Enrollment certificate, Work experience, Medical certificate, and Proof of passed aptitude or entrance exam.


Teaching Methods at Philipps University Marburg:


The Philipps University Marburg focuses on the main purpose of a university which sees internationalization as a forward-looking process.

PU Marburg has very intelligent, knowledgeable, Famous, and Experienced professors for teaching.

PU Marburg has organized Events for students such as Study Skills Workshops for developing student skills.

FIT programs for students to support in studies, in the student teaching or students activity in the teaching/ Learning Connections.

Tutorial Qualification(TUQ): The Tutoring Qualification(TUQ) gives students informative workshops that prepare you for your work in Education.  

Mentoring Qualification(MEQ): Professional counseling and interviewing and can acquire a certificate using MEQ.

Train-the-trainer(TTT) workshops are conducted by peer-level students. Students also interested in becoming a consultant or speaker in the programs then used TTT.

The Philipps University Marburg


Student Life at Philipps University Marburg:


Starting journey in Marburg is not only important part of student life but also contribute importantly to social peace in the city. The Philipps University has organized many events, games, and activities for students entertainment and enjoyment.


Marburg has got a friendly atmosphere. PU Marburg has many party places and the possibilities to try several kinds of sports activities. Also, has the cooking specialties in many restaurants, pubs, and bars. Its hospitality is very well equipped.

The Philipps University Marburg


The Philipps University Marburg offering a broad range of subjects for studies. The only difficulty in Marburg is Accommodation because it is located a little outside of the town but the local bus transportation service is very good.

The Philipps University Marburg

Part-time job at Philipps University:


If you want to do a job while study then Philipps University provides an opportunity to do job Part-time and Full-time. Philipps University gives jobs to work only 240 days part-time per year and 120 days full-time per year. It gives jobs as Scientific or Student assistant, Administration, and Library.


Advantages of joining at Philipps University:


Philipps University’s students graduate in a punctual way. Marburg students complete their degree much faster than other German university students. In Marburg, Teaching at the placed first and second for medicine and biology to peace and conflict.


The main library of the university is open until midnight. From “Center for Higher Education” university ranking, studying in particularly in the Natural Sciences, received the highest markings also Geography was 1st ranked.


The Philipps University Marburg has excellent professors in research you will be in good hands with Marburg’s many, internationally famous scholars and researchers. It offers an International summer university program and has a lively ERASMUS program.


With 120 partnerships, University of Marburg gives the best opportunities for spending a semester at a partner university around the world.


University has organized many cultural activities for a change of pace from everyday student life. Also, gives 130 internal sports options and a music house.


Fees of Philipps University:


Semester fee for the summer semester is total amount 327.26 euro. The semester fee is combined with Contribution to student work, Contribution to the student body, Semester ticket incl. IC/EC surcharge, Administrative fee. There is no charge for internet activation, all students can access free.


History of Philipps University:


The Philipps University was established on 1st July 1527. It was founded by Philipp I, Landgrave of Hesse. In 1527 Landgrave Philipp the Noble of Hesse in Marburg founded the first Christianity university in the world, which has held up to this day. She has been named after her founder since the early 20th century. It is one of Germany’s oldest universities and oldest Christian university in the world.


After Philipp’s death in 1567, his region was divided among his four sons, but the university continued to run together.  Ludwig used to finance the income of the University of Marburg, which came from his region.


In the spatial situation can also be seen the development of Marburg. A new building for the administration and the central auditorium building were built around 1960 in the Biegenstrabe, shortly after the central dining-hall on the Erlenring.


The Philipps University established the first position in chemistry in the world in 1609.

in 2012, The first German participator chemistry museum called Chemicum.




The Philipps University is oldest Christian university in the world. It is the public university of Hesse state, without any religious connection. It is located in Marburg, Hesse, Germany. The main campus is in University town. In Philipps University, the total number of students are 26,726 and more than 4,000 staff available. Marburg has medical faculties and it is one of Germany’s most traditional university.


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