Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

Introduction of Ludwig Maximilians University Munich:

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich was established in 1472Ludwig Maximilians University Munich is also called as LMU or University of Munich in German. LMU Munich is a public research university located in Munich, Germany.  LMU Munich is one of the leading research university in Europe, with a more than 500-year-long institution.

In LMU Munich, every year a large number of international students come for study and 50,000 students come from other countries.

LMU is the heart of Munich. LMU is known as one of Europe’s first academic and research institutions. The University is committed to the highest international standards of excellence in research and teaching.

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

Germany’s sixth-oldest university for nonstop activities is LMU Munich. LMU is currently the second-largest university in Germany at a rate of the number of students.


Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, the university in the heart of Munich. Campuses of Munich is an internal part of the whole city. Munich is Germany’s primary part of higher education and research.

Location of LMU attracted visitors for its urban gift, its rich range of cultural institutions and the wide variety of relaxation activities. In LMU, also involved famous research facilities such as the Max Rich Society, International projects, and promising start-ups, impressive libraries and museums as well as leading Leading article houses and newspapers.

LMU is home for all Germany’s and International students. The advantages of LMU is like individually wide display of study programs and powerful focus on Researches.

LMU is divided into 18 faculties and they all enjoy one of Germany’s latest library systems. LMU has the largest institution of Medical Center.

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

Requirements for Admission:

EU/EEA citizens with non-German school leaving certificates or Non-EU/EEA citizens with non-German advanced school leaving certificates

German students and international students with a German higher education entrance qualification and German nationals with a non-German school leaving qualification

Degree programs:

With more than 200 degree programs, the LMU offers a wide range of subjects. Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees have now equal around Europe.

Bachelor’s and state examination degrees are considered an undergraduate degree program. In order to be admitted to a bachelor’s or state examination degree, you will need to be capable in German and capable for a university entrance qualification.

Admission in Bachelor’s degree programs and all state examinations is dependent on conditions like,

  • Pre-Registration

  • Aptitude tests

  • Also, local or national restrictions which depend in turn on the average grade of your school leaving certificate.

The regular period of study for bachelor’s degree programs is three to four years.

Admission in Master’s or Postgraduate degree programs some condition required,

  • you must have initially degree (normally a bachelor’s degree)

  • When applying to complete a master’s degree program, you will need to give evidence of a high level of German proficiency and German language courses.

Teaching methods:

A wide range of teaching and research is provided by sections: Biblical, Historical Systematic, Practical theology, Study and Research, Religious, Interdisciplinary, and covering a broad spectrum of Economics

Focus on mobile computing and IT management, database systems and data mining, semantic web, software engineering, logic, and formal methods.

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

Well, LMU has highly qualified teachers who make the subjects easy for the students. But, how they better than any other around. They all are practically involved with every student making them quite comfortable, and their secret reaching recipes make it easier for the student to remember hard topics.

Part-time job:

LMU has provided jobs while studying. International students may work 240 half days in one year and that work cannot be self-employment or freelance. All students should have knowledge of German Language. LMU has own job website and on that website, online job posting service provided for students. In the website, there are Job Listings available for find various jobs.

Advantages of joining:

The LMU college accepts students from around the world, so it gives a position for students to connect with new people and different mentalities. For increase some knowledge you can share your ideas with us.

LMU has highly skilled teachers, to create your future. We have do Long-Term planning for better future.

We also provided Finance-oriented approaches, Behavioral-oriented approaches, Hybrid forms.

In LMU, there is 24/7 open library available, if you want to require any subject than you can find and take easily anytime. There is also available free wi-fi.

Fees of Ludwig Maximilians University Munich:

LMU has collected tuition fees for four-week summer language courses is relatively uniform about 1000 Euros including accommodation.

There are different courses available for various fees, but the costs mentioned above are the one in command. Charges sure feel out of budget for most of the middle-class families

Student Life:

When students come to the Munich city, it is a lovely, friendly, and very good atmosphere. Very multicultural with worldwide people. The culture is very interesting with a lot of history and there’s a lot to see in the city.

Munich is a very internationally friendly city. In LMU, students can easily find their goals and interesting field. In LMU, English Garden is the best place to relaxing during lectures. In the summer, the park right next to the university is lovely: a green grace, the cool Eisbach river, and a delicious ice cream.

In LMU, the open air cinemas are one of the entertainment items in Munich. Movies are shown in the unique atmosphere. There are many nice Playgrounds, Cafes, and Shops, you can also find free areas for relaxation and have fun.

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich


The Ludwig Maximilians University Munich was established in 1472 by Duke Ludwig IX of Bavaria-Landshut and official beginning place on 26th June 1472. The LMU of Munich is Germany’s sixth-oldest university.

The University was moved in 1800 to Landshut by King Maximilian I of Bavaria. In 1802, declared officially name Ludwig-Maximilians-University by King Maximilian I of Bavaria.

Since the 19th century, The LMU Munich is considered as one of Germany’s as well as one of Europe’s most well-known universities with 35 Nobel prizes. In the number of Nobel Prizes, a rank of LMU is 17th in the world. LMU has Excellence performance therefore recently been given the title of ELITE UNIVERSITY”. LMU is currently the second largest university in Germany in a rate of students.

Operating budget of LMU, the records in 2015 a total of 660.0 million Euros in support without the university’s hospital. With the university hospital, the university has a total support measuring to approximately 1.7 billion euros.

LMU Munich has a large scope of degree programs, with 150 subjects available in many collections. Over 45,000 students who attend the university come from foreign.


Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich is one of the leading research university in Europe, with a more than 500 years long institution.

The LMU is one of the most remarkable degrees and the medical colleges from all around the world and every year many people try to be the part of LMU. The university has many facilities, and surely put a high efficiency if your graduation degree features the LMU university name.