James Cook University – Australia and Singapore

James Cook University – Australia and Singapore

Introduction :

The James Cook University Singapore (JCU) is more likely famous for its advanced educational system which was opened up in April 2003 with a strategic motto of “Shaping a brighter future for life in the tropics world-wide through graduates and discoveries that make a difference”. The campus of this university is located in the most prospered economic area at 149 Sims Drive, Singapore. More surprisingly, The James Cook University Singapore is ranked in the top 2%* of universities in the world and registered under Committee for Private Education Singapore (CPE) which motive the students to get into this fascinating University.

In terms of worldwide rating, The James Cook University Singapore has consistently ranked in the top 400 academic universities worldwide since 2010, as measured by the academic Rankings of world universities(ARWU) that make sure why this university deserve such prestigious rank.

In addition to above 80 competent Academic staffs impart world’s best known for their approx 3700 dedicated students. James Cook University most probably offer Undergraduate courses, Graduate and Postgraduate courses in business, education, counseling, psychology, environmental science, information technology, and tourism & hospitality fields. All these are designed as per Australian High Commission Curriculum which gives us enough credibility of quality education system as Australian Country is a world famous for Well- cultured Education.

James Cook University Singapore

Overview :

Having High credibility of its well-educated staffs, about more than 3700 students are being studied by excellent faculty; these students have already enrolled in many study programs in largest Singapore university. As having precious worldwide recognition, more and more students are being alluded to get admission in this university

One of the most noticeable things about this university is that they mainly focus on advancing student’s thinking process by adopting different innovative means which are more likely to turn out into a future successful citizen.
The university offers many diversified subjects according to a modern market scenario that are mainly Business courses, accounting, Information technology, psychology and many more other advanced courses.

Admission Requirements :

It is inevitably true that getting admission into foreign university is mostly tough as this university demand higher academic score as well as competent English level. The requirements differ from course to course as which course are you going to choose like as follows
For graduate level aspirants, Applicants must have satisfactorily completed 12 years of schooling and an English level equating with a minimum IELTS of 6.0.
For maser level aspirants, Applicants must have minimum grades as per subjects and an English level equating with a minimum IELTS of 6.5.

Some other additional requirements are being judged by University Authority while you are appearing for face to face Interviews that are as follows

  • Applicants must have willing to abide by University Rules and regulation as well as Singapore Government’s Norms
  • Applicants must have sufficient Background Knowledge of their selected Course
  • Applicants Should be able to demonstrate his/her Communication Skills.
  • Applicants are able to show enough interpersonal Skills
  • Applicants will have to show Proficient English Level by representing Various English Exam Scores like IELTS, TOFEL and other exam valid exam Proofs are considered.
  • Applicants must have a good academic score as no less than B average as per Signore Education System.

Academic Programs

As James Cook University is one the largest Public University, various kind of courses is being offered currently. Mainly this university caters Degree Courses in Business, various Engineering field, Tourism & Hospitality and other advanced Research fields.

  • Bachelor of Business (Majoring in Accounting) :- In this course you will be got aware with skills that meet the demands of business including developing communication and engagement skills, building networks, adopting Corporate mindsets, understanding project management, and other advanced techniques.

The accounting major provides you the skill to manage contemporary and evolving accounting issues.

  • Master of Professional Accounting:-This master course gives you insight knowledge of Finance and Accounting. This well-designed course definitely transforms you from a non-accounting background with the skills to operate as professional accountants.
  • Master of Business Administration in Accounting:-This course is well-balanced between finance and accounting subject to give you both kind of knowledge.
  • Bachelor of Business & Environmental Science(Majoring in Aquaculture):- This course gives you strong pathway of aquatic food field to kick start your career in such lucrative field.
  • Bachelor of Business & Environmental Science:- This course gives you deep insight knowledge about carbon footprints, sustainable exercises, worldwide climate change, and waste administration issues.
  • Bachelor of Business in Banking & Finance:- In this course, you will be equipped with skills that meet the demands banking sector and financial companies.
  • Bachelor of Business in Business Intelligence & Information Systems:- This course gives you deep insight knowledge about business issues and computer coding.
  • Bachelor of Business in Financial Management:- This course assist you to make you competent in financial fields by imparting in-depth knowledge of Financial Sector.
  • Bachelor of Business in Hospitality and Tourism Management:-This exclusive Course gives you a broad view of Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Ultimately This course is well-balanced Combination of Management and Hospitality Services.
  • Bachelor of Business in International Business:- Currently, International Business is growing field as Globalization and International Trade Fair becoming very easy. so, In This course, You will be equipped with skills of Foreign regarding Policies.
  • Bachelor of Business (Majoring in Management):-This management course takes you a deep dive into all aspects of Management studies.
  • Bachelor of Business in Marketing:- This phenomenal course will aware you great marketing strategy and its exact execution by giving you practical work.
  • Bachelor of Business in Sports and Events Management:- If you are greatly interested in sports and event activities, then this course will definitely meet your desired interest by providing insight knowledge about marketing strategies.
  • Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management:- This master course shows you a profound clear picture of how management skills work in Hospitality and tourism industry.
  • Master of Information Technology – Master of Business Administration:- This course gives you all knowledge Profoundly about Information technology.
  • Master of Information Technology in Business Informatics
  • Master of Information Technology in Computing and Networking:- This course takes you into the most crucial specific area of the internal computer part.
  • Master of Information Technology in Interactive Technologies and Games Design
  • Master of Information Technology –Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Guidance and Counselling:- This course will absolutely open the door for many opportunities and give you wide varieties career options.
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science
  • Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology):- This course is designed to equip graduates with advanced psychological aspects and its possible outcomes.
  • Master of Psychology (Clinical):- If you want to dive into such critical thinking field, then this field for you.
  • Master of Philosophy:- In this course, You will be equipped with the many philosophical strategies to give you a brief knowledge about this field.
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Psychology Studies):-If you have something new, this innovative field will definitely fit you as you will be taught in Art area.

So, James Cook University provides a wide range of courses in almost all fields. Students can choose their courses according to their interest area.

University Ranking:

When comes to the top ranking Universities, James Cook University is one of the top ranking universities across the Globe. In terms of Constant Quality Education ranking, JCU is ranked in top 400 Universities since 2010 according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities.
Currently, As per QS World University Rankings, The James Cook University has been Awarded 340th rank. And, As per Commonwealth Government’s Excellence National Report, This university Research honored the highest ranking of ‘well above world standard’ as highest rating get 5 out of 5 in the areas of environmental science and management, ecological applications and medical microbiology.
The James Cook University also achieved the reputation of an ‘above world standard’ ranking for research in the areas of materials engineering, immunology, tourism, biological sciences, agricultural and veterinary sciences, fisheries sciences, veterinary sciences, inorganic chemistry, earth sciences, geochemistry, and geology.

Teaching Methods :

Adopting exclusive teaching methods, students can nurture their career in more dynamic and innovative way by designing various proven techniques like projects, Global visits, and simulation which allows students to cultivate competitive mindsets as well as enhance critical thinking process that helps them to make a lucrative career in their own pace.
On the top of them, most fascinating things about this university are, they offer fast-track courses where students can complete their course as fast as possible according to their capabilities. Moreover, they assign exclusive platforms where students can develop their brand globally, such modernization plays a major role in attracting new students.

James Cook University Singapore

Part-time jobs :

As the part-time job is completely restricted by Singapore government, It is hard to earn livable income for students, Though, this university always keeps assisting them to earn a sustainable income by offering various kind of jobs like Library assistant, University Counselor, General administrator and many other decent jobs are being assigned by this university.
Moreover, students can also meet student’s help desk to resolve this issue and other monetary issues.

Student Life :

Being part of such well-developed university, students usually can get enormous comfortability and lavish amenities as there are many social clubs and activities where students can meet people, have fun, make friends and can be a much-needed break from the pressures of studying. Undertaking club activities can also assist in developing interpersonal skills, useful for your career after graduation.
Actually, The campus is located in within walking distance of city area and It is surrounded by cafes and eateries, while the campus itself caters students with a full range of facilities for learning and activities.

James Cook University Singapore

Fees :

Due to having wide variety subject options, fees structure vary from course to course that is as follows
For Graduate level international applicants
University mostly charges tuition fees ranging from $25,680 to $59,064 depending on your course.
For Master level international applicants
University mostly charge tuition fees approx ranging from $35,952 to 65,698

For Ph.D. Level International Applicants

Tuition fees are approximately charged from $65,000 to $85,000.

History :

Even though James cook University has not extensive historical background as it was constructed in April 2003, still it has rich-diverse culture of education system as many recognitions have been embedded like The university is ranked in the top 2% of universities in the world as well as also holds the reputation of constant ranking in top 400 universities worldwide since 2010 which is one of the remarkable achievement of this university that is more likely to pull out many world-wide students.

The Singaporean and Australian authorities come to review assessment of the Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement in May 2016, which added several measures to promote further cooperation on education. Due to this important agreement, JCU Singapore was undoubtedly honored branch campus position and from July 2016 is permitted to brand itself as the Singapore Campus of James Cook University. It had previously been lawfully better-known as James Cook Institute of Higher Learning.
JCU is incorporated as per the Committee for Private Education Singapore’s Rules and Regulation who is Singapore’s Dominant Education commission and well-known for listing authorized Quality Education Universities and colleges.
James Cook University Singapore

Summary :

In a nutshell, Having unprecedented success achievements and enormous ranking credibility, put this university among a most elite group of universities which lets the students feel privileged to get authorized quality education.
Amidst these splendid accomplishments, In the Commonwealth Government’s Excellence in Research for Australia 2012 National Report, James Cook University Singapore research received the highest ranking of ‘well above world standard’ in the areas of environmental science and management, ecological applications and medical microbiology. The University also received an ‘above world standard’ ranking for research in the areas of materials engineering, immunology, tourism, biological sciences, agricultural and veterinary sciences, fisheries sciences, veterinary sciences, inorganic chemistry, earth sciences, geochemistry, and geology.

All in all, this university is the best place to acquire quality education as well as shape your interpersonal skills by taking part respective extra-curriculum activities.