Free University Berlin Germany

Free University Berlin Germany

Introduction of Free University Berlin:-


Free University Berlin was established on 4 December 1948. Free University Berlin is known as research in the humanities and social sciences as well as in the field of natural and life sciences.
Free University Berlin once again become the capital of all of Germany. it has focused on the continuous exchange between our programs and the actuality of work and business in order to guarantee that the skills you learn are relevant and effective. The university is known for its highly ranked engineering programs, particularly in mechanical engineering and engineering management. The university graduates and professor list include US National Academies members, two National Medal of Science honorable and ten Nobel Prize winners.

Free University Berlin


Overview of Free University Berlin:-


Free University Berlin was established on 4th December 1948. During the early Cold wartime as the facto western activity of the Frederic William University, with American support, Free University Berlin was founded in West Berlin. In University, the total number of students is 31,500 including 20,755 Undergraduate students, 8,787 Postgraduate students, and 4,406 doctoral students.
The main campus of University is located in Dehlam. Other campuses are in Suburban and Urban.

Free University Berlin offers over 150-degree programs. It is one of the leading university in Germany. Free University Berlin won the status of a University of Excellence in the German government’s Excellence Initiative in 2007 and again in 2012.


Admission Requirements for Free University Berlin:-


If you are applying in Bachelor’s degree program so you have required science entry qualification. If you have other country certificates and wish to apply for a study program conducted in German, so you have required proof of language proficiency. For admission to a Master’s degree program, you require recognized first academic degree.

Free University Berlin
Die Universitätsbibliothek (UB) gehört zu den zentralen Einrichtungen der Freien Universität Berlin. Sie bildet zusammen mit den etwa 40 Fachbibliotheken ein Bibliothekssystem, das über einen Gesamtbestand von acht Millionen Medieneinheiten verfügt.


Teaching Methods of Free University Berlin:-


Berlin university started winter term on 1 October and ends on 31 March. The time where lectures are being held changes each year. The University of Berlin gives a wide scope of subjects in over 190 degree systems.

A specialty of the FU is the possibility to study a vast amount of “small subjects” such as theater and film studies, Egyptology, Byzantine studies, Jewish studies, Turkology, Sinology, Communication studies, Meteorology, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry with a high level of specialization.

In Free University Berlin, E-Learning has long been the built-in part of modern teaching, learning, and examinations.

Free University Berlin

Part-time job at Free University Berlin:-


Free University Berlin provides opportunities for part-time jobs. Students can do a part-time job while studying. The University offers several positions for a part-time job such as in Student Assistants, in Academic positions-Research Assistant, and in Professorship and Junior Professorship. Students can earn money for Foods, Entertainments, Be Travelling, and Accommodation.


Advantages of Joining at Free University Berlin:-


This is probably because Germany does not charge tuition fees for domestic and international students. Students are also offered free travel around the city and student discount cards are available that cover entry to some of the city’s museums and galleries.

Although it’s located in Europe and capital of one of the most prosperous countries on the continent, it is still one of the least expensive among its peers. Compared to New York or London, Berlin is said to be five times less expensive on average. Study abroad students can be get away with a monthly budget of $600-800 (depending on rent).


Fees Of Free University Berlin:-


At Free University Berlin, Additional Academic fees are approx 300 euro. But all courses there were free, even for international students.


Student Life at Free University Berlin:-


The Cultural background and history of Berlin city are amazingly interesting, Friendly, and Supportive. The University appears to be a world of its own and provides its students with a good and calm learning atmosphere. The University has provided to students who are interested in starting their own business will easily find like-minded people and cheap office spaces as well as come up with lots of brilliant and comfortable ideas in restaurants, cafes, and hotels.
By offering several places to turn for advice and information services, Free University Berlin supports its students. For students, the University organized studies plans previously.

Free University Berlin


History Of Free University Berlin:-


First students demanded a university free from political causation at the end of 1947. On 23rd April 1948, The boundary of protests was reached: after three students were kicked out from the university without proceeding, at the Hotel Esplanade over 2,000 students protested. The order for legally check for the formation of a new university in the western sectors by the governor of the United States Army Lucius D. Clay at the end of April. On 19th June 1948, consisting of Politicians, Professors, Administrative staff members, and students are together and met The primary committee of establishing a Free University in Berlin. With a manifesto titled “Request for establishing a Free University Berlin”, the committee requested to the public for support.

In 1948/1949, the municipal of Berlin given permission to the establishment of a Free University Berlin and requested the opening for the coming winter semester. Free University in Berlin was accepted on 4th December 1948 by students. The establishment is powerfully connected to the starting of Cold War time period. The University is located in the former Soviet Sector of Berlin.




Free University Berlin was established on 4 December 1948. Berlin universities total number of student is 35,713. Free University Berlin academic approx fees are 300 euro for international students. Courses in these programs are taught entirely in English. Accordingly, admission does not require proof of German skills. Free University Berlin has ranked 75th around the world according to the British Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and among Germany’s top 10 universities consistently.


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