Fern University in Hagen (University of Hagen)

Fern University in Hagen (University of Hagen)

Introduction of Fern University in Hagen:

Fern University in Hagen (university of Hagen) is a public research university referred to as Fern University in Hagen. Fern University in Hagen is mainly focused on the education of students who may not always be actually present at a school that’s called Distance Teaching. Fern University (University of Hagen) is the one of the around world that going on state-funded distance education university in the German-speaking organization.

Fern University in Hagen offerings to you for quality-confident, supervised distance teaching with Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, doctoral studies as well as numerous certificates and Open Access studies.

The Fern University established in 1974 as a public research university by the state between Nordhrein-Westfalen and started its research and teaching activities in 1975. The methods of qualification is same as other German universities and also maintain same high requirement. Fern University’s student body of 83,536 students in the summer term of 2013 and 86,889 students in the winter term 2013/2014.

The FU Hagen is doing research in the fields of Business Administration and Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Law, Psychology, Cultural Science and Political Science.

Fern University in Hagen

Overview of Fern University Hagen:

The Fern University Hagen established in 1974. Fern University in Hagen is today Germany’s largest university in terms of students strenth. All academic fields occupy both theoretical and applied research in the academic fields. Its four faculties: Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science, Economics and Business Administration as well as Law. The teaching concept Distance education and Blended teaching is very useful for every students.

The Fern University Hagen provides the opportunities to study for a Ph.D on a part time as distance option, or a full time on campus basis in all of its disciplines offered.

Fern University in Hagen

Requirements for Admission in Fern University Hagen:

Students must have a good knowledge of German, because The Fern University programs and courses are offered only in German Language.

International students can provide proof of their German language proficiency by a TestDaF examination certificate. Rule is, the TestDaF level 4 is sufficient for apply in German University.

For admission in a Bachelor’s degree program, you have required a certificate of general higher education entrance qualification.

For admission in Master’s degree program, you will need a certificate of completion of university degree with a standard duration of at least six semester or corresponding foreign university degree.

Documents submitted with a German qualification and Foreign qualification, Authorization application with signature, Proof of health insurance, information about final exams, application for fees reduction due to need, signed direct debit authorization.

Teaching methods at Fern University Hagen:

One of the most and best teaching method is Distance Teaching. The university of Hagen is primarily focused on Distance Teaching. Distance education is the education of students may not always be actually present in school. School connected with students directly via post. In this day also involves online education.

Another teaching method developed at Fern University is based on the Blended Learning method and also taught by printed study materials with multimedia and Internet-assisted forms of teaching and learning as well as optional face-to-face seminars. With prepared teaching materials, including study units, exercises, interactive SD-ROMs and DVDs.

Advantages of joining Fern University Hagen:

In The Fern University Hagen, German’s and Foreigner’s both can apply and learning.

Learning with Fern University Hagen means high flexibility during your studies. You can study in you home, shop, garden anywhere everywhere using your PC’s, Laptop’s and Mobiles’s. Large use of the internet also enables very flexible for students support.

You also comfortable for study materials because prepared study materials, including Units, Exercises, interactive CD-ROMSs and DVD’s which are delivered at your homes by E-mails via Internet.

Fees of Fern University in Hagen:

Fern University Hagen collects fees 150.00 euro for first semester from students and 120.00 euro for next semester..

If you want study in Fern University Hagen than your expenses of Adjustment, Foods, Books, Supplies, Study materials, and Health insurance average monthly is approximate 800 euro.

History of Fern University Hagen:

The Fern University in Hagen was established in 1974. The FU Hagen is one of the university in German speaking doing state-funded distance education. It is a public research university that is mostly focused on Distance Teaching. Its main campus is located in Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. In Germany, Fern University also maintains more than 50 study centers and research centers all over Europe.

According to the Federal Statical Office of Germany FU Hagen is Germany’s largest university. Its research and teaching activities started in 1975. It was founded from the idea of United Kingdom’s Open University to give higher and continuing education opportunities through a Distance Education System.

The Fern University Hegan is organized in four branches:

Branch of Cultural and Social Sciences, Branch of Mathematics and Computer Science, Branch of Business Administration and Economics, Branch of Law.

For expand their teaching options and research the Fern University Hagen fully cooperates with different famous institutions, such as Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Goethe University Frankfurt, Johannes Kepler University of Linz or the University of Jena.

Summary of Fern University Hagen:

The Fern University Hagen is today Germany’s largest university in terms of student numbers. The FU Hagen is the one of the university around the world that going on from state-funding and provide Distance Education to students. And also its offers Quality-assured, Supervised distance teaching with Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, Doctoral studies as well as numerous certificates and Open access studies wherever.

In FU Hagen, More than 20 German-language degree programs to leading internationally recognized for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree can be studied.


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