Cairo University – Top 5 Universities in South Affrica

Cairo University – Top 5 Universities in South Affrica

Introduction to Cairo University

Cairo University (known as the Egyptian University between 1908 and 1940, and King Foud Eye University from 1940 to 1952) is the leading public university in Egypt. Its main campus is at Giza, immediately on the other side of Cairo from the Nile. It was founded on December 21, 1908; However, after being kept in different parts of Cairo, starting with the Faculty of Arts, their faculties were established in Giza on October 1929 in their current main campus.

It is the oldest higher education institution in Egypt, despite being the pre-existing best professional schools from Al Azhar University, later the university’s faculty became a component. It was founded and financed and financed by a committee of private citizens with the Royal Shelter in 1908 by the Egyptian University and in 1925 and became a state organization under King Fudge I. In 1940, four years after his death, the name of the university was changed to the University, King Fouad I was renamed him for the second time after his free official strike in 1952. The University currently registers approximately 155,000 students in 22 faculties. Three Nobel prizes in his graduates and one of the 50 largest institutions of the world’s higher education by registration.

Cairo University
Cairo University

Entry Requirements at Cairo University

Get an Egyptian high school certificate or equivalent certificate. And pass the qualification subjects and have the minimum qualification required to join the required faculty. The certification of the authorized and approved secondary school (equivalent) by the Embassy of Egypt, in fact, is obtained by the student consulate in Cairo. Where the student wanted him. Students who have passed Secondary Certificate of Secondary Certificate of Egypt, their respective success reports have been presented. And the original birth certificate or its official copy. And (6) recent photos.

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Teaching Method at Cairo University

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All participants enjoyed teaching for more than 10 years. He was diagnosed for the first time and after making appointments, his consent was expressed about the purpose of the inspection and the interview took place. The lack of teachers are the rules of these studies diagnosed among nationwide respondents (due to them harm).

Cairo University
Cairo University

Part Time Jobs At Cairo University

Office executive announces your needs for the workplace, which is available under the following conditions:

Applicants Use of English language skills and the use of the Internet, Excel, PowerPoint and computer packages should not be more than 40 years of age and should be given a high rating and the first graduate and Interviews may be conducted for applicants.

Fees of Cairo University

There has different faculty has different tuition fees. Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries faculty’s fees are  47000L.E. for Egyptian and non-Egyptian has 10500$.And Faculty of oral and dental technology’s fees is 65000 L.E. for Egyptian and non-Egyptian has 13500$.and Faculty of Engineering and Technology’s fees is 43000 L.E. for Egyptian and non-Egyptian has 8700$.

Student Life At Cairo University

Advantages of Joining at Cairo University

Cairo University is located in the heart of Greater Cairo, close to all the services and entertainment venues. He enjoys good teachers and an elite class of scientists in various technical knowledge and knowledge fields. It includes 25 faculties and institutes, as well as specialized studies and equipment centers. In addition to special libraries in any discipline of the premises, in the document and research database, the central library can be understood based on the highest age in recent times. Faculty research centers have specialized laboratories and are prepared with the state’s advanced medical equipment. Their students are eager to provide many services, including; Hospital treatment, recreational and cultural activities.

History At Cairo University

Students of the modern educational system, its appearance, teachers, and the Quran al-Azhar came to attend the committees or the country to go to the special authority and to select students to set up fashion schools, students special al-Azhar arrange high faculties in their institute. Were, but instead, they were sent to some missions.

This organization does not last long; In 1841, the Ottoman Egyptian, the political project of the settlement Mohammed Ali, was created to organize military boundaries and boundary boundaries of financial management state power cautioned. Therefore, due to the state was disbanded a lot due to their laborers but not a significant number of soldiers and officers, so Mohammed Ali decided to get a re-education system, swing new conditions into the mind became a little bit. So, the first institution of the new organization was out and the majority of the number of students dims high schools fitting developed in 1841, what lack of a proper account of graduates in the state.

For the connection between fashion education and so on the work needs to interpret the state of education in the time of Abbas Helmy Elementary (1848-1854) and above (1854-1863) Mohamed Shakti.


Since the beginning of the century, the Egyptians began to create calls to determine the Egyptian higher education institution to create contemporary and specialized education for the Egyptians, intellectuals associated with public support. Armenian Yakub Artin made the most important primary printed presentation in 1894 by establishing an associated Egyptian University. During the course of a report, he said, “High-quality higher colleges can give to the university in the east” In 1868 these colleges established the Administration and Language School, in 1868 (which became law faculty in 1886), the School of Irrigation and Construction (Known by the Engineering Faculty), in 1866, the Dar Al-Unum in 1872, the Agricultural College in 1867 and the Faculty of Ancient Faculty of 1869.


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