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The Philipps University Marburg (Germany)

  Introduction of Philipps University Marburg :   The Philipps University Marburg was established in 1527 in Marburg, Hesse, Germany. It was established by Philip I, Land grave of Hesse. It is also known as Philipps University Marburg or the University of Marburg. Philipps University Marburg is one of Germany’s oldest universities and oldest Christian university in […]


Technical University Berlin (Germany)

  Introduction to Technical University Berlin:   The Technical University Berlin is a research university. TU-Berlin was established in 1879 in Berlin, Germany. And became one of the most powerful education institutions in Europe. IN Technical University Berlin, approx 33,500 students, 100 study programs, and 40 institutes. Technical University Berlin is one of the largest, […]


Technical University of Munich (Germany)

  Introduction of Technical University of Munich:   The Technical University of Munich was established in 1868. It was founded by King Ludwig II. It is a Research University located on three campuses Munich, Garching, and Freising-Weihenstephan. It is also known as Technical University of Munich.  The main motto of this university is The Entrepreneurial […]